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Casting for Video

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

As our client base grows, and the briefs develop to be more elaborate, we find ourselves diving deeper into the pre-production and planning. This is part of the service we provide.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce bespoke, high production value video content, while keeping the production within tight budgets. We often work with smaller budgets which allows us to be very creative to reach our goals.

Our team come from a variety of production backgrounds. Through this diverse experience we have come to be associated with a great number of actors and performers as well as other industry professionals.

Like many production companies we call upon these people to be involved in our projects quite regularly. This is partly out of necessity, because we know they will work within the budgets we are set. It is also because we would rather give the money to hard working and talented people we like and work well with, rather than strangers who can often be an unknown quantity.

Because of the rapid increase of multiple projects, we have began casting our net wider in order to find the right actors and models for each production.

We began by making an exhaustive list of any and all actors we had previously worked with. This way we already have a strong understanding of their talent, capabilities and work ethic.

By doing this, we have created contact sheets that include basic information, such as age range, location and skills along with a range of headshots. This has become our “Little Black Book” of go-to performers that we can add to each time we expand our casting pool. Over the past 3 years, we have been able to develop a diverse cross section of performers – with a variety of looks and ages that we can pick from when discussing cast with clients.

Generally speaking, most clients will have an idea of the kind of ensemble cast that want to appeal to their target audience and that accurately portrays the image of their brand. This makes it easy for us to find cast in a tight, turnaround timeline that both the client loves, and that we know we can rely on when the cameras roll. 

On larger scale projects, a production company will outsource the casting to a dedicated casting director, who engages with casting agencies to find the best talent for the job.

For a majority of our previous commercials and social videos, with either limited budgets or time restraints this has become an in-house task that we provide. This, then makes it easier to manage budgets and streamlines the process of filming the commercials as our team can build relationships with the cast prior to filming.