Since our first animated collaboration with illustrator James O'Connell for CardConnect was so well recieved, we've now created two additional animations with plenty more on the way. 

Our latest demonstrates how easy it is to run a transaction with CardPointe; CardConnect's payments and merchant account manager. The process starts with illustrations from James along with a storyboard of each scene that is to take place. Once the illustrations are complete, they are handed over to our animation team to bring them to life. 

The video starts with an establishing shot of an example buisness, added quirks and nuances such as the tree blowing in the wind, with a passer by on their bicycle. These extra touches help build on the world James has created, and add movement and intrigue to what could be a bland animated shot.

We then fly through the doors to the waiting room of the medical centre to see a line of waiting patients and our main character walking to the desk. We pay close attention to background characters and small details to make the quirky videos stand out and prevent our clients videos from being yet just another boring, poorly animated explainer video.

Paragon Pictures