Our VFX package is split into three parts: special effects over live footage, videos made entirely of 3D CGI effects, and 2D animations.

CGI, animation and 3D design is the final frontier of the visual medium, and we can do it all. We can create anything, from a simple 2D explainer to a fully-immersive 3D world, and with access to everything from After Effects to Maya, we can create models, animate cameras, texture layers and bring an entirely new world to life. 

We work with you from design through storyboarding, rigging, character animation all the way to creating the final shot by compositing textures and elements within your 3D world. 

Despite the advanced software in play, our approach is straightforward. We start by working with you on messaging and objectives and. once we know where we’re going, then create scripts, storyboards and style frames to visualise how to get there. We never force your hand, instead letting you guide us to the visual style that’s right for you.