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We create video content that delivers results.

for agencies, brands
and changemakers.

Paragon Pictures is a commercial video production company based in Manchester. We combine unique creative, strategic insights and innovative film craft to tell your stories to a global audience. Creating content that isn’t just watched, but remembered and shared.

Whether you want to move people, align ideas, build conversations or create advocates. Putting your message into motion, brings what matters into focus.
Car drives though oceanside mountain roads.
Image grid of woman holding out a spray can.
Three women stand in the snow.
Old man getting his hair cut in a barbers shop.
Woman stood outside with a bird flying in the background.
Girl sat on steps with sunset behind her.
Woman stood under arches.
Girl laying on brown sofa.
Woman placing a shopping bag on a table in between two children.
Musician walking backstage.
Car driving through green mountains.
Close up of man playing piano.
3 hands putting together a burger piece by piece.
Close up of man tying up shoe laces.
Girl stood against rocks with hands held in a yoga position.
Girl sat on surfboard in the ocean.
Woman walking down steps.
Close up of greek bust sculpture in a garden.
Close up of woman wearing bracelets.
A bear remove his head, revealing another bear head.
Close up of girl in barristers wig.
Woman spraying perfume on herself.
Girl walking through London.
Girl in evening wear stood in a hotel.
Boy walking through city with headphones on.
Close up of sparks coming off an angle grinder.
Gird of people dancing.
Close up on blonde girl.
Girl sat at a desk looking bored at a bowling alley.
Close up of cherries in lips.
Close up on rings on hand.
Three girls stood against a fence in a field.
Neon jelyfish.
Close up of Gola trainer on point.
Woman stood in a circle.
Fisherman looking out of the window.
Close up of girl with colourful eye makeup.
Two models walking in slow motion to each other.
Young girl stood outside in a wetsuit and life jacket.
Close up behind a bowling ball being thrown down an alley.
Male fortune teller looks into a crystal ball.
Two men playing chess.
Close up of hands in long grass.
A young girl and her teacher sat at a table talking.
Close up of Gola trainer.
Two girls playing Jenga.
Woman sets off to run against a purple background.
Girl lays on a yellow velvet sofa.
Woman flips through a pile of cd's.
Man sat on a bench inside a laundromat.
Ministry of sound logo with piano keys.
Man running through the dessert.
A group of runners on a fun run.
Two girls stand on top of a hill at sunset.
A couple laugh whilst sitting in the snow.
A conductor stands in front of musicians.

The key to great work is great collaborations.

"If you want video production experts who are at the top of their field, choose Paragon!"

Candidsky logo

David Vernon

Account Manager at Candid Sky

"From the initial pitch, through to execution, the team at Paragon totally understood our brand values. I look forward to working with the team again – not least because they are just a sound bunch!"

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Tommy Lloyd

Managing Director at MTC

"Paragon understands and develops the brief, adding insight and creativity at all points. Bringing passion, creativity, and high standards to every project."

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Kirsten Jones

Marketing Manager at Boundary Outlet

“As always, Paragon Pictures were absolutely amazing in bringing our vision to life. With each ad we do, they take care of everything and deliver stellar results!”

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Rebecca Oliver

Account Manager at ICG

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