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Balancing the Budget - A Crash Course ‍
Not every brief matches its budget. ‍Sometimes we have to just make it work.
Don’t Be a D*ck!
You'll learn loads from you time in the creative industries, but if there's one lesson to learn early its how to play nicely with other people.
‘The Future of TV Advertising’ 2020
The year 2020 has given us more than a few problems so far. One of the main causes for concern has been the upheaval to our working calendars.
TV Commercial Protection Insurance: What You Need to Do
You’ve decided you want to take the plunge and make your big idea a reality.
The Power Of Pre-Visualisation In Advertising
Who wouldn’t like to see into the future?
Clearcast The Dos And Don'ts Of TV Clearance
It was the Christmas ad everyone was talking about. In 2018, it wasn’t the usual John Lewis TV commercial event that had caught everyone’s attention.
Inspiration and Where to Find It
Where do ideas come from? It’s a question that has been asked through the ages...
Creative Briefs that Connect
Have you ever had a conversation where everything just clicks?
Where Video Budgets Get Spent
Back in the halcyon days of 90s Hollywood, a new independent filmmaker rode into town.
Crewing Up: Who to get and what they do
We’ve all done it. The final scene of our favourite film plays out and we keep watching trying to read each and every name. No? If you’re a real film geek like we are, you’ll be watching all the credits.
Studio or Location? That is the question
The life of a filmmaker is all about choices. At every stage of production there will be decisions made that can make or break the production.
Licensing in Advertising‍
TVC production costs money. There we said it. It’s the simple truth of the matter.
Media Spend vs Production Spend
The most important element of any ad campaign is to sell. It’s as simple as that.
Deliverables in the 21st Century
With the advent of modern technology the world is now a much smaller place. The ability to reach the masses has gotten a lot easier but the competition for their attention is fiercer.
Why You Need Fresh Creative
Creative matters. It matters a lot. It’s often the least valued yet most valuable commodity in the world of advertising.
Thinking Fast on a Shoot
One of the most important skills you can have in video production is the ability to think fast.
Diversifying Your Skill Set
The phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” is a common refrain for a dabbler who hasn’t dedicated enough attention to one specific skill set to master it.
Our Process
There’s no “one size fits all” answer that explains exactly how we make videos.
The Importance of Paperwork 
The notion of “Paperwork” can to many, often feel like homework.
Being Passionate About Your Job‍
Video production isn’t always easy. Fortunately, at Paragon Pictures we’re passionate about every aspect of video production.
Contingency Planning
Video production is a complex game to play. And like any complex game it helps if you’re able to anticipate things several moves ahead.
The Art of Writing a Good Schedule‍
The actors haven’t arrived at the right shooting location in the morning.