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Branded Content

A Lawyer Looks Like Me

BPP University

Challenging stereotypes.

Since 2022 we have supported BPP University to create and produce an ongoing video and stills campaign for their law program. The core aim of the campaign is to inspire the next generation of legal talent by spotlighting unique stories from real students and alumni that promote diversity and social mobility within the law profession. Through telling these stories BPP also hope to contribute to a broader societal shift towards a more inclusive and accepting legal landscape.

Breaking the mold.

It was important for BPP that the series resonate deeply with their audience. We agreed that branded content and emotive storytelling was the ideal route to creating a compelling call to action to anyone considering a career in law. We created fictional characters profiles to illustrate the type of personalities and scenarios we wanted the films to be about. We also explored and detailed the methodology for how to execute these films with real people around their real lives.

Truth, well told.

The success of the campaign ultimately came down to the students and alumni that would feature in each film. BPPs marketing team were instrumental in sourcing ideal candidates. We supported by providing a student questionnaire to gather the information to start building each story. We joined BPP in preliminary video calls with the students. This allowed us to build rapport with the subjects and explore the beats of their story while frantically writing notes that would become a detailed content plan.

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Their stories, our craft.

One of our primary responsibilities was the correct application of film craft and visual techniques to service each story properly, while creating compelling films with high production value within budget. A streamlined team worked efficiently to capture portraiture, interviews and cutaways around the participants busy schedule. It was important for us that the participating students had ownership over their film and the way they are portrayed. From the first meeting we made it clear that they had the final say on what content to include and what to leave out.

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