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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Webbox Naturals

Webbox have been one of the UK’s leading pet food suppliers since 1992. And fresh off the back of a rebrand, the Naturals team approached us with the objective of creating a suite of assets for their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee campaign. As newcomers to the realm of video, we aimed to not only deliver but develop a tone of voice and style for the brand moving forward.

Finding a unique paw-spective.

How do you stand out in a competitive landscape filled with a myriad of players, ranging from established industry leaders to innovative startups? Our approach involved workshopping various creative routes and staying authentically true to the Naturals brand. With plenty of research and ideation we defined a creative direction that not only made the brand feel synonymous with nature but it did so in a way that felt distinctly Webbox.

Purr-suasive packaging.

With consumer shopping habits mainly occurring in-store, we focused on brand recognition. By using the newly designed packaging, we animated elements and wove them into the narrative, creating a playful and distinct connection from screen to shelf. The result was an unique and own-able style that can develop and grow alongside the brand.

Who says you can’t train a cat?

Traditionally, dogs have had the advertising advantage. They’re eager to please and easy to train. Cats on the other hand are notoriously independent. And trying to pull focus on a cat outside would be no easy task. An afternoon forecast of rain and some passing field mice put our scheduling to the test - but our feline star had plenty of training to prepare for the big day. And even had his own stunt double for our camera crew to run tests on. In fact, it’s well known in the animal training industry that Webbox Lick ‘e’ Lix is the secret to achieving great results - which made for some great bts.

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